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Articles tagged with: Home Automation

The Most Significant Component of Your Home Automation System

Find Out the Key to Owning an Efficient Smart Home System

The Most Significant Component of Your Home Automation System

As smart home technology experts, we encounter this situation often:

A client comes to us with an existing home automation system. While their system features all of their favorite technologies, it’s just underperforming. It’s slow, and even their home Wi-Fi is suffering.

What’s our fix? A thorough network solution.

In fact, we find that a home network infrastructure is the most critical part of operating an efficient automation and control platform.

What makes the network such a significant component of automation systems? We explain below!

How Can You Make the Most of Your Home Control System in the Winter?

Home Automation Can Help Your Family Fight the Cold and Dreary Weather

How Can You Make the Most of Your Home Control System in the Winter?

Winters in the Pacific Northwest can be unforgiving.

For example: Take the recent storm that caused snow and ice across the Portland area.

Sure, we had a rare white Christmas – but hazardous conditions and freezing temperatures remained, long after the storm.

Portland, of course, is no stranger to the cold and the occasional ice or snow storm. And you don’t have to venture far to find harsh weather conditions in Oregon.

Is your home prepared for the winter, though?

In this blog, we’ll share how you can make the most out of a home control system during the coldest and most dreary months of the year. Simply read on to find out more.

3 Keys to Managing Your Home’s Energy Output

Create an Energy Management System with Home Automation

3 Keys to Managing Your Home’s Energy Output

Have you ever looked at your monthly electricity bill and wondered why it’s so high? Or maybe you are becoming more conscious about the environment and want to make a change to impact the world we live in. Whatever your concern is with saving energy, home automation can definitely help. You may think that adding a high-powered system like automation would make the situation worse, but in reality it actually improves and reduces the amount of electricity you use because it directs the energy to the appropriate places only when you need it. Here are the three keys you need to save more energy in your Beaverton, OR area home.

What is so great about voice control?

Explore All the Features of Amazon’s Alexa

What is so great about voice control?

Since Amazon released their voice control assistant, Alexa, more than 10 million people have purchased it—including the Echo, Dot, and Tap control devices. Google, Apple, and other companies are trying to compete with their own versions, but there isn’t a main competitor yet that rivals Alexa in the voice control department. While this intuitive device has opened up many new people to the realm of home automation, those who already have a control system can still benefit from it by integrating Alexa into their home system. Keep reading this blog to discover what features you can benefit from with voice control in your Vancouver, WA area home.