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Articles tagged with: Energy Management

3 Keys to Managing Your Home’s Energy Output

Create an Energy Management System with Home Automation

3 Keys to Managing Your Home’s Energy Output

Have you ever looked at your monthly electricity bill and wondered why it’s so high? Or maybe you are becoming more conscious about the environment and want to make a change to impact the world we live in. Whatever your concern is with saving energy, home automation can definitely help. You may think that adding a high-powered system like automation would make the situation worse, but in reality it actually improves and reduces the amount of electricity you use because it directs the energy to the appropriate places only when you need it. Here are the three keys you need to save more energy in your Beaverton, OR area home.

7 Great Advantages of Home Lighting Control

Learn How Lighting Automation Can Benefit Your Portland Property

7 Great Advantages of Home Lighting Control

There’s no denying that technology is transforming the way that people live. Modern homeowners in the Portland, Oregon area are embracing home automation technology of all types. One such technology that offers a ton of benefits is home lighting control.  A lighting control system connects all of the lighting fixtures on your property, allowing you to manage them remotely via a smartphone or tablet. Below, we cover seven ways that automated lighting can add value to your home.

3 Ways Building Automation is Improving Business Operations

Take Advantage of Technology in Your Business

3 Ways Building Automation is Improving Business Operations

Building automation is taking the Portland area by storm. If you’re unfamiliar with this commercial technology, it’s a way to easily control all the building’s devices with a central management system (as well as make some traditionally “dumb” building components, such as window shades, much smarter). But why are so many businesses throughout Oregon embracing building automation? We cover three good reasons below.