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How to Get Your Backyard Ready for Outdoor Entertainment

Upgrade Your Oregon Home with an Outdoor Sound System

How to Get Your Backyard Ready for Outdoor Entertainment

While the weather might still be chilly in the Bend, Oregon area, it won’t be long before the temperature rises to the perfect degrees for outdoor fun. Before you start planning your first BBQ or evening party, it’s time to evaluate if your outdoor spaces have everything they need for entertaining. One of the essential aspects of entertaining outside is having great music, which is why a high-quality outdoor sound system should be on your home improvement list this spring.

Choosing Equipment

An outdoor sound system will require different devices than your typical whole house audio setup. If you put standard speakers outside, it won’t be long before the weather irreparably damages them. Instead, we recommend weather-resistant components such as Paradigm’s Garden Oasis Series. The speakers are designed to withstand snow, rain, wind, dirt, and more without compromising on sound quality. The subwoofers are actually buried underground so that they don’t distract from the natural beauty of your home, while the speakers blend into the foliage.

You’ll want to complement your sound system with an outdoor television for those times when you’d rather watch a movie than listen to music. The same concept of weather-resistance applies, so consider a reputable outdoor brand like SunBriteTV. Not only are their televisions able to endure extreme weather, but they also are designed to avoid the typical sun glare that’s so annoying in regular TVs.

The final equipment element to consider is the control system. When you want to switch from listening to music to watching a movie on your outdoor TV, you should have a quick and easy way to do so. We can connect all of the outdoor audio and video together through a central home automation control system. From your smartphone or tablet, you can easily turn on the TV, select a music playlist, adjust the volume in a certain area of the backyard, and much more.


Placing Equipment

Having high-quality equipment is the first step, but you also need to ensure that every speaker is placed in just the right location. A poorly placed speaker could create acoustical dead zones or overly loud music. A lot of factors affect speaker placement, such as whether or not you have a pool and where landscaping such as topiaries are located. That’s why we start every outdoor sound system installation with an on-site assessment of your property so that we can design a cohesive solution that will have every area sounding its best.

Enjoying Your System

Once your sound system is in place, you can spend your days enjoying high-quality audio and video outside! At the push of a button, you can start your favorite music playlist while you relax by the pool. When you want to catch up on a show, all you have to do is pull out your phone to turn on the television on the patio and select your streaming service.

For parties, we can develop an outdoor entertainment “scene” that starts playing music and turns on festive landscape lighting upon command. In just seconds, you can go from a regular outdoor environment to one perfect for spending time with friends and family.

If you’d like to give your outdoor living spaces an upgrade with weather-resistant audio and video, then now is the time to get started! Give us a call at (503) 598-7380 or fill out this quick contact form to learn more.