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Which Home Entertainment System is Right for You?

Get the Best Media Setup for Your Portland Home

Which Home Entertainment System is Right for You?

When it comes to adding entertainment systems to your home, you’ve got options far beyond a simple TV and speaker setup. There are so many ways to create unique, personalized entertainment experiences within your Oregon home! Of course, not all of them may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle, which is why we’ve put together this quick guide to the most popular home entertainment systems. Read about the options, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about any or all of them!

Dedicated Home Theater

For luxury homes, nothing can beat the intimate and immersive movie-watching experience that you get in a dedicated home theater (not even a commercial theater). These rooms are focused on a single purpose: to create the perfect environment for watching your favorite films or television shows. A dedicated room allows you to properly place speakers and acoustic treatments so that you can achieve maximum performance and sound accuracy just as the movie director intended. If you consider yourself a movie buff, this room would be a great addition to your home, ideal for both entertaining friends and enjoying in solitude.

A dedicated theater room is also an opportunity to let your personality shine through. You could pick a theme based on your favorite TV show, movie, sports team, etc. – then design the room to immerse you in that scene whenever you walk in. Combine that design with a high-quality, Ultra HD projector and full surround sound, and you’ll never want to leave your theater room!

Multipurpose Media Room

If your entertainment tastes are a bit more varied than just movies, a multipurpose media room is probably the way to go. With a multipurpose room, you can set up areas for watching movies, playing billiards, doing a round of virtual golf…whatever it is you enjoy most!

Multipurpose rooms are not without their challenges though. Unlike a dedicated theater, where you can ensure that the room’s lighting, acoustics, and such are all perfect for watching movies, a multipurpose room has to have a versatile setup that can accommodate different activities. The problem is that the ideal lighting for watching a movie is very different from the ideal lighting for playing virtual golf.

Fortunately, there are ways around that. With a home automation system, you can set up your multipurpose media room to have the perfect “scene” for each activity. Technology controls the lights, window shades, speakers, climate, and more, so all you have to do is push a button for your desired activity and watch the room transform before your eyes! Your home technology expert can also choose equipment specifically designed for multipurpose uses, such as projector screens that reject ambient light, so you can use them in bright environments while still getting a crisp and clear picture.

Dedicated Listening Room

Just like movie buffs might want a dedicated home theater, there’s no better room for an audiophile than a dedicated listening room. If you have high-end audio equipment, you might not be getting the full depth of the music if that equipment is placed in an environment with subpar acoustics.  Hearing the music the way the artist intended requires not only high-end equipment, but also ideal speaker arrangement and acoustics that maximize performance of your equipment so that you’ll get the highest quality sound possible.

Whole House Audio Video

Of course, you don’t have to be restricted to just one room to enjoy music or movies! A whole house audio video setup is designed to streamline the way you access and use your media. Instead of having completely separate systems in each room, a whole house setup uses AV distribution technology to link all of your TVs, speakers, streaming services, media, Blu-ray players, and more into one easy-to-use system. An updated system makes it super simple to stream your music from Pandora, iTunes, personal music libraries, and more – whichever room of the house you’re in.

This setup solves a common problem with most home entertainment systems: going through the whole rigmarole of turning on the system, finding the right streaming service, and choosing your desired media, just because you want to move from the living room to the kitchen.

Here’s how it works with AV distribution and a home automation system: when you want to enjoy your music in the kitchen instead of the living room, simply pull out your tablet or phone, select “Kitchen” in the music section of the app, and the song will pick up with the exact same settings in the new area. Play music in one room, a few areas, or your entire home (including the outdoors) – all at the push of a single button.

Whether you want one or all of these home entertainment systems in your Portland property, we can help make your goals a reality. Contact us today by calling (503) 598-7380 or clicking on the live chat window at the bottom of the screen!