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What are the Benefits of a Commercial Access Control System?

See How Access Control Can Enhance Your Business

What are the Benefits of a Commercial Access Control System?

Commercial access control systems have come a long way in recent years, integrating new technologies and systems that add even greater security and visibility into business operations. So is access control really that much better than regular locks? The short answer is yes, but if you want the long answer, keep reading to discover how a commercial access control system can benefit your Vancouver, WA business.

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Add Convenience for Both Employees and Employer

Nobody likes keeping track of 10 different keys or waiting for a manager to arrive before they can get inside the building to start work. An access control system solves this inconvenience by having codes, employee badges, or biometric keys that allow any employee to enter the building in seconds. Keeping track of building access is simple for the employer, and changing access credentials is a quick and painless process.


Increase Awareness

With a commercial access control system, you can know exactly who is entering and exiting the building. This awareness is useful both for security in case of an after-hours incident – You can identify who was in the building during that time and assess whether their presence was warranted. For even greater security and awareness, you can cut down on the risk that physical keys or access codes may be stolen by implementing biometric access controls, which are notoriously hard to fake. The tracking abilities of an access control system are also useful for rewarding hardworking employees. During performance reviews, you can quickly identify which employees have gone above and beyond to complete their work.


Lower Costs

Stop wasting money creating new keys or replacing locks every time you let an employee go. Modern commercial access control systems are designed to work seamlessly and efficiently, with easily manageable settings for changing access, adding new employee credentials, setting security alarms at the end of the business day, and more. By streamlining your business’ access control, you cut down on the time and effort your employees and managers waste trying to keep track of all the access credentials.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or an office manager, the three benefits listed above are just the beginning of the advantages your business stands to gain from investing in commercial access control. To learn more about the options available for you, contact us today.