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What Are 5 Must-Have Additions to Your Home Media Room?

These Are the Things to Focus on When Designing Your Home Entertainment

What Are 5 Must-Have Additions to Your Home Media Room?

The new year is the perfect excuse to bring some newfound excitement to your life.

Just like you've made resolutions to work on improving yourself in 2018, why not extend those promises to your home?

In this blog specifically, we outline five simple ways to enhance your home media room. From better sound to seamless streaming, it's time to bring unforgettable entertainment to your Bend, OR home.

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For years you’ve settled for the same surround sound layout in your home media room.

Have you ever considered there could be a better solution?

Opt for a Dolby Atmos system that offers 3-dimensional audio which surrounds you from all sides.

To accomplish this, you need Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers and AV receivers. You’ll also need two overhead speakers through in-ceiling or upward firing speakers.


It's also time to upgrade from the traditional flat screen.

For larger-than-life images, you can combine a screen with a Sony short-throw projector.

Since these projectors only sit a few feet from the screen, they're ideal for smaller dedicated entertainment spaces. The new Sony SPX-A1 comes in an elegant custom frame and can project to screens as wide as 120 inches.


Stop relying on a universal remote that’s harder to manage than your son’s video game remote.

Both Crestron and Control4 offer smart remotes that make it easier to access your favorite sources and channels.

You can also download their mobile apps to manage everything in your media room — from volume to temperature — from one intuitive location.


One of the perks of going with a media room instead of a dedicated theater is the ability to have a multi-purpose space.

One second it’s hosting a vibrant party with friends and the next it’s hosting an intimate movie viewing on date night. Lighting is essential to transforming the room.

Invest in a lighting control system that makes it easy to adjust light intensity depending on the way you expect to use the room.

If you have a lot of windows, you should also install motorized shades to block out ambient lighting as needed to get a better image on your display.


The way we view movies and listen to music has changed drastically in the last ten years.

Now more than ever, streaming is dominating the entertainment landscape. Your home media room design needs to include a strong networking backbone to support this shift.

Opt for routers that have considerable bandwidth capabilities.

This will make it easier to enjoy 4K Ultra HD streaming options from Netflix and Amazon Video. You’ll also be able to listen to lossless files through your whole home audio system.

Want to learn more about how to upgrade your media room to meet the latest technology standards? You can reach us by calling (503) 598-7380 or by filling out our online contact form.