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Transform Your Unused Space Into the Ultimate Home Media Room

Enhance Your Entertainment with These Smart Solutions

Transform Your Unused Space Into the Ultimate Home Media Room

A home media room is perfect for bringing the family together with movies, music and games. More diverse than a home theater, you and your family can enjoy your favorite entertainment in a space that transforms at the touch of a button. When it’s time to enjoy a sporting event, lower a screen and projector from the ceiling and enjoy. Want to spend the afternoon listening to music? Retract the screen and turn up the volume on your floor standing speakers. In this blog, we’ll outline how you can turn an unused space in your Salem, Oregon property into a versatile media room. Read on to learn more.

Seating is Key
If you think a successful media room is all about high-end electronics, think again. Intelligent design begins with seating. Everything from the position and style of the seats to the material used can affect the look of, and the sounds in, your media room.

Choosing where to put a couch or custom theater seating can determine how big your screen should be, where to put the speakers and, of course, how comfortable the space is. Additionally, big, plush seating can help absorb sound – perfect for getting better performance out of your surround sound system.

Screens are Diverse
When most people think of a traditional projector-and-screen set up, they picture a dark room with a big white sheet with a bright image blaring on it. But today’s movie screens aren’t always pristine white – and you don’t need pitch darkness to enjoy the picture.

Modern innovations in screen technology have made it possible for them to reject light from any source but the projector, and display high-contrast images in a fully-lit room. Screens can now come in the standard white, slate grey or even black, depending on your preference. That means you’re not limited by ambient light when you want to full theater experience.

Sound is Spectacular
Immersive audio is no longer the wave of the future; it’s here to stay. But you don’t need a massive theater room to enjoy the sonic benefits of the latest audio formats. Thanks to Dolby Atmos, you just need seven speakers, two ears and a healthy love of incredible sound.

Previously only available in commercial theaters, immersive, or “3D”, audio is a relatively new sound format that distributes sound in front of, behind and above the listener. This creates a sphere of sound full of realistic detail.

Primarily designed with movies in mind (Blu-ray discs are already being manufactured with the correct specifications), Dolby Atmos enhances every aspect of the listening experience. And because Dolby has modified the traditional channel-based distribution of surround sound systems to include an object-based system which allows sounds to move freely from one speaker to the next, all you need is a 5.2.1 set up for true Atmos sound.

Are you ready to transform an unused area of your property into the home media room of your dreams? Contact us today.