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Thinking About a Whole Home Audio System?

Here Are the Four Things We Consider In Building the Right System For You

Thinking About a Whole Home Audio System?

Whole home audio systems can be the perfect mood enhancer – or stress reliever.  Imagine coming home from work after a long day, feeling a little tired. You might pour yourself a glass of Willamette Valley Pinot to wind down, and turn on a relaxing Pandora station. With a whole home audio setup, the music will flow seamlessly from room to room as you go about your home routine in Portland. 

Does that sound relaxing?  Sure it does.  But whole home audio is more than just about speakers.  A few other pieces are needed for a stellar audio experience.  Read on to find out more. 


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We did say whole home audio is not just about speakers, but speakers are critical.  There are many different types and brands from which to choose.  There are wireless speakers, bookshelf speakers, floor standing speakers, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, and outdoor speakers.

Choice is good.  While you might want the consistency of the same brand of speakers throughout, it’s not absolutely essential.  You may want Paradigm home theater speakers in the media room, and Origin Acoustics built-ins in other places and outside. In some rooms, a powered wireless speaker might be the best solution.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and we look to design and install the system that works best for your needs.


Speakers need amplifiers to power them unless they’re built in as in many wireless models.  Your media room will likely need amplifiers depending on how many speakers you will have.  Also depending on how many rooms will have speakers, distribution amplifiers may be required to drive them effectively. Why talk about amplifiers?  Because matching them to the number and types of speakers used is critical to sound quality. 


Do you have a big music collection?  Or do you like streaming music from Pandora, Spotify, or Tidal?  Do you like to listen to good old local radio – there are still some great stations out there. No matter your preferences, you want access to your preferred sources.  If you’re an Apple fan, that may mean being able to access your iTunes music library off your computer.  If so, you might want a Control4 EA music server, which can bring multiple audio sources together with simplified control.  But there are many other options, including systems built around home theater receivers with multizone and streaming capabilities.  


If the system isn’t easy to use, then it will likely be a source of frustration no matter how good the components and sound quality.   Do you prefer your smartphone as a remote?  Or have the option of touchpads mounted on a wall?  Or a more traditional wireless remote with real buttons, customized for your preferences? Whether it’s a system built around Control4 or Crestron home automation or one that can be operated from your smartphone or tablet, we would take your preferences into account to create the perfect solution. 


Let us build you a whole home audio system that will both rock and relax you.  Reach out to our team of audio experts today.