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The Most Significant Component of Your Home Automation System

Find Out the Key to Owning an Efficient Smart Home System

The Most Significant Component of Your Home Automation System

As smart home technology experts, we encounter this situation often:

A client comes to us with an existing home automation system. While their system features all of their favorite technologies, it’s just underperforming. It’s slow, and even their home Wi-Fi is suffering.

What’s our fix? A thorough network solution.

In fact, we find that a home network infrastructure is the most critical part of operating an efficient automation and control platform.

What makes the network such a significant component of automation systems? We explain below!

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Why Is the Network So Important?

All of your smart home’s devices need to communicate with each other within an automated solution.

Here’s one example: You set a command for your motorized shades to roll down at 6 p.m. so that it blocks direct sunlight from entering your home. The moment the clock hits 6 p.m., your system instantly needs to notify your blinds to lower.

How does your automation platform communicate with your shades? Through your home network.

Whether it’s through wired solutions like Ethernet or wireless solutions such as Wi-Fi, infrared, Z-Wave, ZigBee or radio frequency, your network is the infrastructure from which your smart devices will communicate with each other.

In the best smart home systems, a secure and robust network means you never have to worry about underperforming or inefficient automation and control. 

The fact is, if your network infrastructure is lacking – whether it’s because of poor wiring or insufficient bandwidth capability – your home automation system will suffer.

So, what’s the fix?

How You Can Achieve a Successful Network

The first step to achieving the perfect home network infrastructure is calling us.

From there, we can arrange for a custom solution that fits your family’s – and your property’s – needs.

Perhaps you’re seeking a thorough network for your new smart home. Or you want to update your existing infrastructure to support the latest automation technology.

We not only can update the wiring infrastructure throughout your property, but we can also bolster your network’s bandwidth capability so that it can handle increased amounts of simultaneous traffic.

An additional benefit: Through a network installation, you can receive reliable internet signal throughout every corner of your home.

What you will notice, though, is that your home automation and control systems will not only be performing faster but also more effectively.

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