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Relieve Stress

Let a Home Automation System Be Your Assistant

Relieve Stress

We all have busy lives with many things to do and remember.  The last thing you want to think about as you shuttle your kids to their summer activity or rush out for an early work meeting is little – but important – things you may have forgotten to do at home.

If you’re the person that just might get a little distracted with the crush of daily life and wonder whether something at home is the way it should be, a home automation system can be a big help – and a stress reliever too. 

It’s not just about stress, but security and maintenance too.  Leaving a front door unlocked could invite an unwanted intruder.  While the wet Pacific Northwest seasons mean you don’t have to worry much about sprinklers for your landscape, you do have to turn them on for the drier summer weather. 

Let’s see how a home automation system can make your life a little less stressful in Portland. 


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Did I forget to lock the front door? (Or close the garage door)

Has anyone not done this?  The most likely case is that you did, but you will have a nagging feeling that you didn’t all day.  Avoid that stress, feel more secure – and be more secure – with smart locks and home automation system.  Integrating smart locks with the system could let you check at any time whether they are secured.  And if you didn’t, you could lock them remotely.  Or even have them lock automatically at a particular time.  You can do the same with a garage door.

As a bonus, smart locks could alert you when they’re opened and someone comes in.  If you have a housekeeper or a child that comes home from school while you’re not there, you have the peace of mind of knowing what’s going on at any time.


Did I leave the lights on? 

This may not be stress inducing per se unless you are worried about the utility bill.  With lighting control integrated into a home automation system, you could check on lights and turn things on and off as you wish remotely.  Better yet, you could set up a lighting scene for when you’re away, to make your house look like it’s occupied.  Or just set up lights at entries and outside, so you never have to return to a dark home at night. 


Did I forget to adjust the thermostat? 

Perhaps you left for the weekend, and your heat setting may still be on.  You don’t really need the heat on to the level you have when you’re home.  With a smart thermostat, you could either adjust it remotely or tie it to a scene with your home automation, managing the climate control to your preferences with lights and other systems while you’re away. 


Did I remember to turn on the sprinklers?

In the dry Northwest summer, those perennials might not get enough water from rainfall.  Besides turning on the sprinklers, you may want to make some adjustments, so your plants get the initial watering they need.  The good news is that there is a new generation of smart sprinkler controllers that can also be managed by a home automation system.  So you can make sure those new plants get enough water initially and also let your home automation system manage it otherwise.  And if the Northwest summer is arriving late, you can turn them off if rain is in the forecast – all from your smartphone.


Did I leave food out for the cat?

If you left for a short period and you want to make sure your pet is safe and sound, a security camera could keep an eye on the area where they usually inhabit.  Although that cat tends to roam, he/she does need to eat.  Today’s security cameras are even smart enough not to alert you every time your cat moves into view but can inform you if something else does that’s not expected.   So with a simple check of a live feed on your smartphone, you can have the peace of mind that your pet is healthy and not getting into trouble while you’re gone. 


Besides peace of mind, home automation systems have many other benefits.  Reach out to our team of home automation experts today, so we can tell you all about them.