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New Security Features to Add to Your Oregon Home

Stay Up to Date with New Home Surveillance Systems

New Security Features to Add to Your Oregon Home

You may be familiar with how a security system works, but do you know about all the new features of a smart home surveillance system? In this blog, we are excited to share with you three aspects of our surveillance systems you may not know about—geofencing, cloud storage, and emergency response. Stick around to read more.

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Geofencing creates an invisible barrier around your property so as soon as it is breached multiple actions happen. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock a door or set the alarm when you leave the house. Once you breach your geo-fence perimeter, the alarm activates, all your doors lock, and security cameras begin recording. When you come home, there’s no reason to fumble with the keys. As soon as you re-enter your perimeter, the alarm deactivates and your front door unlocks.

Cloud Storage

Although you can set your system to record only when movement is sensed, some choose to have their cameras record all day long.  If that’s the case, you will have to sort through a lot of video footage. But with cloud storage available, your system will never run out of space, and you can easily find any clip you are looking for. Let’s say your dog goes missing and you want to see how he escaped the yard, or if someone took him. You can log into the safe and secure cloud, find the day he went missing and browse through the recordings. Every file is labeled and organized, so instead of spending hours looking for evidence, you can go straight to a specific time or date. 

Emergency Response

A proactive security system can alert you to any emergency, not just break-ins. If your dog escapes, a fire breaks out, or your house floods, your system will send you a text message or email immediately. Smart sensors and cameras that can detect suspicious activity will send these push notifications to your smartphone. So you could be working, running errands, or relaxing at the pool and can respond right away. Some of the ways our cameras do this is by using motion-sensors that alert you to movement inside or outside of the home. You can feel at ease knowing your home is always being watched and looked after.

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