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Keep Tabs on Your Home With Smart Home Security

Whether on Vacation or at Work, Know Your Home Is Safe

Keep Tabs on Your Home With Smart Home Security

They say that your home is your castle.  Just like the castles in medieval times, you want to keep your home safe at all times, whether you are there or away.  While castles relied on high walls and moats for protection,, you don’t have to protect yourself from an invading force.  You do want to keep an eye on your home and know when something is amiss.

Fortunately, we have more advanced technology these days to help keep our homes safe.  And while there are still standard home security systems that set off an alarm when some sensor is tripped, there are much more sophisticated options available.  We like to call it smart home security, and it’s available right now for your home in the Portland-Vancouver area. 

Smart home security takes advantage of home automation technology to help you know what’s going on in your home at all times.  Let’s take a look at some of these security features available from our home automation partner Control4.


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Video Cameras and Doorbells

The Control4 Door Station puts you in control of your entry doors with video feed and intercom communication.  You can be alerted when someone is at your front door and see who it is, whether you are at home or across the country.  If you integrate smart lighting and locks with your security, you can control those functions to manage any event—let someone in, manage a package delivery, or call for help if there is a threatening situation. 

With video surveillance cameras, you can keep tabs on your property inside and outside at any time.  View any camera’s feed through the Control4 touchscreen inside the home, which also functions as a home controller and intercom.  When you are away, access any camera view through the Control4 app.  When motion is detected, the system sends you an alert, so you are always informed.



Mockupancy is a security feature that makes your smart home look occupied when you are away.  If you have integrated control of lighting, AV equipment, and motorized shades, all these can be used in a randomized yet natural pattern that makes it seems like you never left home. The shades will go up and down, sets of lights will turn on and off, and even your TV and audio systems can be on randomly to simulate you being home. 


Locks and Alerts

Today’s security sensors are smarter than ever, with the ability to monitor temperature, humidity, UV rays, and other environmental conditions.  Should a pipe spring a leak, an alert is triggered that allows you to take action before that leak becomes a severe problem.  With smart locks and garage door control, you can monitor the state of any entry and lock it with a touch of a button.  You can also remotely unlock a door to let someone access your home, and monitor the activity with your cameras. 


Security Arming and Disarming

Forget about the pesky security systems that beep and give you a minute to open your door and disarm your system when you enter your home.  The control pad doesn’t even need to be by the door if you don’t want it there.  Control4 security is configurable for your needs.  Arming and disarming can be done via a Control4 Touch Screen or your mobile phone.  You can arm or disarm the system remotely, which enables you to give someone access to your house without providing a code.  Mockupancy mode can be activated with a single button. And cameras and lighting can be integrated with alarm arming with just one setting, like “away.”


Want to learn more about what smart security systems can do for you in Vancouver?  Give us a call or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation with our home security experts.