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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Media Room?

Take Advantage of These Great New Technologies in Your Vancouver Home

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Media Room?

Media rooms are often a central hub of the home, a place where friends and family gather to spend time together and enjoy games and movies. Media technologies have come a long way in the last few years, leaving many home media rooms outdated. If your Washington residence falls into the “outdated” category, it might be time for an upgrade. Continue reading to learn about all the amazing advances in technology that you can start enjoying today. 

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4K TVs/Projectors

Regular HD TVs simply can’t hold up to the visual brilliance of 4K Ultra HD. 4K resolution has four times the number of pixels, and the clarity and detail this provides make a huge difference. You can get 4K visuals in either TVs or projectors, and while not all programming is available in 4K currently, it is quickly becoming the norm. Netflix, YouTube, DIRECTV, Amazon, and other popular media services are all filming in 4K, with many programs available for streaming online now. Moving into 2017, you’ll see more and more live television filmed in 4K as well as existing programming remastered in 4K.

Keep in mind that, for true 4K UHD quality, you'll also need to upgrade your receivers and HDMI cables to support the increase in resolution. That way, you'll get the full 4K experience.

Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

Standard speakers or a sound bar can't compete with the immersive experience of surround sound. You can get the same quality of a commercial theater right in your home media room by installing Dolby Atmos surround sound speakers. These speakers create three-dimensional sound throughout the room so that, while you're watching a movie, the sound moves around you just as if you were in the film!

A/V Distribution

Have you ever found yourself watching a movie in the media room and then wanting to finish it in another room? Instead of turning it off in one room, taking the Blu-ray to the other room, and fast forwarding to the right point in the film, what if it were as simple as just pushing a button? With an A/V distribution system, all of the TVs, media devices, and streaming services throughout your home are all connected. The biggest advantage of this is that you don’t need separate Blu-ray players or stereo equipment in each room. Instead, you can place these devices in a central media closet and then access them remotely from whatever room you’re in.

Home Automation

The average media room has a lot of different devices, each with their own control system. You may have a universal remote to manage multiple devices at once, but the ultimate upgrade is a home automation system. Home automation is a universal remote on steroids. It’s a simple system that connects everything in your home, from the TV to the Blu-ray player to the lights overhead. You can even control the window shades, temperature, and security system simply by pushing a button on your smartphone or tablet.

Home automation allows you to create the perfect atmosphere in your media room for any given activity. Want to watch a movie? Just press the “Movie” button, and the lights will dim, the window shades will close, the temperature will lower to a comfortable level, and the TV will turn on and display your film choices. That simple. Prefer to play a board game in your media room? You can create a preset “scene” for that too!

Voice Control

If you prefer a completely hands-free approach to media management, you can now control everything using just your voice. By adding a voice control device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home to your media system, you can perform simple actions like turning on the TV, changing the music station, or adjusting the lights in the room with a single spoken command. The voice control market is rapidly growing, so you’ll be able to control even more aspects of your media room in the near future.

Interested in adding any of these technologies to your media room? Room Service Integrated Solutions can help design, install, and maintain a system perfectly fitted to your needs. Contact us today to learn more.