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How Voice Control Makes Smart Home Tech Simpler, More Powerful

Smart Speakers Make Managing and Integrating Your Automation Technology Easier Than Ever

How Voice Control Makes Smart Home Tech Simpler, More Powerful

There’s no denying we live in an age of technological marvels, yet for all the recent innovations in home automation technology, many of us feel like our devices are controlling us instead of the other way around. However, there may be an answer to this dilemma in the form of voice control.

When paired with the right control system, a smart speaker can be the key device to unlock the potential of your smart home. Here are a few ways that voice controlled home automation can make your Bend, OR automation system easier to use and more useful around your home.




One of the primary goals of installing a home automation system is to streamline control of your various devices so they can all be managed from one interface. There’s no doubt that having one remote is better than juggling multiple remotes, but voice control makes controlling your automation system even simpler.

Even if you’ve boiled down control of all your home’s smart devices into one remote, you still need to be near that remote and within a decent range of your devices to have control over your systems. With voice control, however, your system will respond to you as long as you’re in vocal range of the smart speaker and have a reliable wireless connection. If you install multiple speakers, you can control your entire automation system with just your voice from anywhere in your home, so you’ll never be tied down to a remote again.


Voice control also lets you make the most of integrating multiple systems. By creating and using preset scenes for different moods or occasions around your home, voice control helps you save time and energy.

As an example, let’s say you and your family are heading out on vacation and won’t be back for a few days. A voiceless control system will let you turn off your lights, arm your locks and engage your security system, and it may even let you do all that with one button press. But, wouldn’t it still be easier to just say “Away” and know that all of those things have happened without you needing to lift a finger?


That’s just one easy example of the impact voice control can make. You can create scenes for different moods, seasons, times of day, activities around the house, or anything else you can think of.




As smart as the devices in your home may be, there’s always room for improvement. Adding voice control is one way to add new functionality to your home automation system.

For example, your smart speaker can interact with systems that aren’t a part of your home automation setup. You can use voice control to schedule appointments, check the weather, order dinner, even do your shopping for you. By bridging the gulf between the devices in your home and other digital tools you use, voice control adds new dimensions to already existing technology.

These are just a few of the ways voice controlled home automation can make an impact on your Bend, OR home. To learn more, visit Room Service Integrated Solutions online or call us at (503) 598-7380.