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How to Prepare for a Movie Night

Create a Home Theater Experience Your Won’t Forget

How to Prepare for a Movie Night

What do you normally do to get ready to watch a movie at home? If it’s still daytime, you might close the shades, or if it’s dark out you might dim the lights and light a candle for ambience. Then of course you’ll choose your movie, select the volume level and grab any drinks or snacks you may want to enjoy. What if you could almost all of that by pressing one button in your Portland, OR home? While your home theater system can’t deliver popcorn and soda to your seat, it can create the right environment in your home for watching a good show. Read this blog to learn more.

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Customize Your Environment

The first step to creating the right environment for watching a movie is integrating all the features of the room into a control system. Here are some key systems you may want to have installed:

Motorized Shades: Want to spend a Sunday afternoon catching up on Game of Thrones? Motorized shades are a staple for a perfect home theater. With blackout shades, you can press one button and make the room dark for the show.

Lighting Control: To avoid glare on your screen, dim the lights down using lighting control. You could dim the lights down to a low level of 20 percent, or turn the main ones off and leave a couple floor lights on so you can refill your popcorn bowl without tripping.

Climate Control: Do you think the room has become too chilly? Or maybe you like it cold so you can snuggle under a cozy blanket during your weekend of binge-watching. Change the room’s temperature using wireless technology. You’ll never have to leave the couch.

Custom Controls

Once you have the automated features in place, you can pick the right controls you want to use. Here are some options:

Tablet: Keep a tablet in your home theater – on a coffee table or recliner arm – so you can pick it up and easily change your movie, turn off the lights, or make the room colder.

Universal Remote: We have remote controls that can adjust your lights, shades, video source and climate. You can save all of your favorite channels on this remote too so you can get the show started faster.

Voice Control: The newest feature in home technology, voice controls allows you to start the movie by just saying it! First create a movie setting that includes all of your preferences for the room – like the lights off and the shades down. Then save it under a specific title like “movie night”. Then all you have to do is say “Alexa, start movie night” and the room will immediately adjust to your liking. You’ll need the Echo, Dot, or Tap integrated into your home theater system to make this work.

Do any of these features make you excited to get a new movie started? Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our team of home theater experts.