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How to Incorporate Lighting into Your Store’s Interior Design

Commercial Lighting Control Takes Retail Store Design to the Next Level

How to Incorporate Lighting into Your Store’s Interior Design

The décor and atmosphere of your retail store go a long way toward creating an inviting environment for shoppers. By strategically placing displays, artwork, and lighting, you can control how your inventory moves and how often your shoppers keep coming back for more. In this blog, we cover how retail designers and store owners in the Bend, Oregon area can integrate commercial lighting control solutions into their store décor.

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Decide on Your Signature Lighting Style

Your store should have a unique feel and brand, and we’re not just talking about logos or color schemes. Everything from branded fragrances to the music you play in your store should promote a certain feel. Lighting control can play a large role in your branding. Your store lighting brand may be an intimate, exclusive feel with contrasting dim overhead lights and bright spotlights, or your brand could promote an open, airy atmosphere by using bright lighting throughout.

Use Different Lighting Types

If you want your store’s lighting to have an impact, you need more than just fluorescent tube lights on the ceiling. Use a variety of lighting styles to promote different areas of your store. Here are a few of our favorite lighting types:

  • Accent Lighting: Use accent lights to highlight artwork, product displays, shelved items, etc. Accent lights come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so the lights themselves can become part of your store’s artwork and décor. Bar and rope lighting can even integrate directly into your displays and shelving to give those products a pop.
  • Task Lighting: Even if dim lighting is part of your store’s branding, your employees still need ample light to perform tasks like running the cash register or managing the dressing room. These task areas should be well lit with dedicated lamps, bulbs, or other lighting elements.
  • General Lighting: Typically, your store will need some general overhead lighting, especially in common areas like the store’s entryway. However, these lights don’t need to be boring. Choose bulbs that have the right color temperature for your store, and then use dimmers to raise the lighting level to be just right for your desired environment.
  • Path Lighting: Path lighting offers a way to subtly suggest an ideal route through your store for shoppers. The lights create a well-lit path that strategically guides your customers past promoted displays, increasing traffic to those areas.

Control Your Lighting

The best lighting décor is dynamic, changing to suit different times and shopping scenarios. During the daytime, lower the lights near storefront windows that already benefit from natural lighting, then boost the artificial lights in that area after sunset. Change the color of your accent lighting along with each season. Whatever lighting changes you want, they’re easy to accomplish with a lighting control system from Lutron.

Lutron’s touchscreen control systems and pre-set “scenes” make adjustments to your retail lighting as simple as pushing a button. Create a “Closing Time” scene that automatically turns off all the lights as the business closes for the day, then have the lights turn on again the next morning as your employees get the store ready for the morning rush. This streamlined, automatic control saves time and effort for your team while simultaneously giving you more options for retail décor. 

Room Service Integrated Solutions works with commercial designers and store owners to create smart technology solutions that promote the perfect shopping environment. To discuss which commercial automation technologies are right for your retail store, contact us today.