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How to Incorporate Commercial Media Distribution into Your Vancouver Office

From Video Intercoms to Interactive Whiteboards, See the Possibilities

How to Incorporate Commercial Media Distribution into Your Vancouver Office

Modern offices are packed with technology, from your typical desktop computers to smart refrigerators in the break room. This technology isn’t just there to attract new employees with a fun and exciting workplace—it can impact your company’s bottom line by making everyday operations more efficient.

A technology trend that is rapidly growing in popularity among offices is commercial media distribution, in which all of the communications and media throughout your business is connected for ease of use. Below, we cover how your Washington company can benefit from commercial media distribution in three common office areas.

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In Lobbies…

Give waiting clients a positive first impression of your company by making the lobby area a high-tech environment. Add a video wall that shows the latest industry news or simply an entertaining movie. Install digital signage that can be continuously updated with new company advertisements, artwork, or sales materials. Instead of staring at a blank wall while they wait, your potential customers will have the opportunity to get to know your company a bit better, and the impression they’ll get is that your company is modern and on the cutting edge of technology.

Trying to get in contact with employees via a traditional phone system can be difficult. After all, you can’t always count on having employees at their desks 9 to 5. Meetings, travel, and chats at the watercooler all make it difficult for your receptionist to transfer important calls or notify employees about a client waiting in the lobby. But you can make your receptionist’s job easier by integrating an HD intercom that connects directly to your employees’ smartphones or tablets. That way, you’re able to reach employees wherever they are in the building.

In Conference Rooms…

It’s very common for meetings to start 10 or 15 minutes late while employees try to resolve issues with the projector, the teleconferencing equipment, or the screen. It doesn’t have to be that way. With commercial media distribution, all of the communication equipment in your office is connected for easy access through one central system. That means you don’t have to go off in search of the missing remote or run back to your desk to email the presentation that won’t display properly on your laptop. Instead, just press the “Presentation” button on your conference room control tablet, and watch as your room transforms. The screen lowers, the projector turns on in presentation display mode, the teleconferencing equipment starts up, and even the window shades in the room lower to remove ambient light.

In Huddle Rooms…

Small conference rooms or meeting areas, huddle rooms are perfect for a quick team meeting or a backup option for when the main conference area is booked. To make the most of your meetings, a little technology can go a long way. Consider adding an interactive whiteboard to each huddle room. You can use the whiteboard to brainstorm ideas or draw out plans, but instead of having to copy down notes and type them up later, the whiteboard connects to a computer or network to save the information immediately. You can even enable remote viewing of the whiteboard so that employees who are teleconferenced in can fully participate in the meeting.

Are you ready to modernize your office with commercial automation technology? Contact us today to find out about all the options that are suited to your business space, industry, and needs.