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How Motorized Shades Help Save Energy

Make Your Salem, OR Home More Green with Automated Shades

How Motorized Shades Help Save Energy

There are a number of ways to help conserve energy like making sure you keep unused lights off and unplugging certain devices, but did you know that motorized shades can help too? Automated shades mainly bring you big savings in your Salem, OR home by keeping the heat out in the summer and keeping warmth in during the winter. So how does it work and what do you need to prepare for an installation? Keep reading to learn all about it.


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Solar Shades

Solar shades aren’t made of just any regular material; they are specially coated so they block out the sun’s UV rays and keep your home cool in the summer. Solar shades also have various degrees of what is called “openness factor.” The openness determines how much you can see through the shade. If the shade is more open, you can still see outside the window and get the benefits of blocking out the heat. Or, if the shade is less open, you’ll be able to maintain more privacy at home.

Coordinate Shades with Your Thermostat

By adding sensors to your home that can detect the temperature in certain areas and by automating your shades, you can save energy without additional effort. When it starts to get colder in the fall, your thermostat will maintain a temperature that doesn’t burden your heating/cooling system and your shades will open or close based on how much light is entering the room. If the sensor detects that it’s a sunny day, the solar shades will open to let some heat in to warm your house naturally. In the summer the opposite will happen; your solar shades will come down to keep the heat out and maintain a cooler temperature the house. Since your HVAC system uses the most energy, this strategy is crucial in creating an energy management plan.


Coordinate Shades and Lights

Lighting and electronic devices are the next two items that use up the most energy, so if you can save in these areas you’ll see the impact on your utility bills. When you close your roller shades or motorized drapes, you’ll need to turn on the lights, but you don’t have to turn them on to full percent of brightness. For example, when your solar shades are down, some light will still filter through so you can dim the lights in the room to only 40 percent. By using both at the same time you can save up to 30 percent off your energy bill according to Lutron.

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