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How Control4 Automation Makes Life at Home Easier

Simplify your smart technology with Control4 home automation

How Control4 Automation Makes Life at Home Easier

Whether you’re a newbie to home automation or have already installed some smart devices, the key to a reliable, adaptable system is the control interface. You want your smart home system to run smoothly, and to do that, we recommend Control4 home automation. They aren’t the only game in town when it comes to control systems, but their devices’ adaptability and ease of use make them a leader in the field. If you’re curious about home automation and live in the Portland area, here’s why you should go with a Control4 home automation system.





No matter how complex your home automation system is, chances are you’ll be dealing with devices made by different manufacturers that need to talk to each other to work properly. This is particularly true for your control system, because it’s what ties everything else together.

For example, you want your home theater system to connect your display, speakers and your lighting control system. You can warm up the TV, turn on your speakers and dim the lights with one action, and it’s your control system that makes that happen.

The engineers at Control4 have invested significant resources in creating this smooth interactivity. Control4 systems work with tens of thousands of devices across a range of brands, so you should have no problem integrating Control4 into your existing setup. This flexibility also means that if you decide to update or change your automation system later on, you can still use your Control4 device to control everything.


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Keep An Eye On Your Home

Control4 is also dedicated to continually improving their systems, and they’ve recently made some improvements to their Intercom Anywhere app. This app alone makes Control4 systems a worthwhile investment.

The benefits of Intercom Anywhere are substantial. You can make calls from your phone to the wall panels in your home, allowing you to stay in touch with your family and instantly know what’s happening in any room of the house. Similarly, anyone can use the intercom to make calls to outside lines, perfect for last-minute additions to grocery lists or a simple check-in with your kids.

Control4 systems are also a perfect pairing for smart security systems. Integrating your Control4 system with a smart doorbell lets you see who’s at the door no matter where you are inside or outside the house. If you opt to install smart locks, Control4 systems allow to lock or unlock any door from anywhere, perfect for letting a delivery driver inside and then locking the door behind them.

As you can see, Control4 is a dependable choice for your home automation system. If you’d like to learn more about Control4 features or have other questions about home automation, call us at (503) 598-7380 or visit us online.