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How Can You Make the Most of Your Home Control System in the Winter?

Home Automation Can Help Your Family Fight the Cold and Dreary Weather

How Can You Make the Most of Your Home Control System in the Winter?

Winters in the Pacific Northwest can be unforgiving.

For example: Take the recent storm that caused snow and ice across the Portland area.

Sure, we had a rare white Christmas – but hazardous conditions and freezing temperatures remained, long after the storm.

Portland, of course, is no stranger to the cold and the occasional ice or snow storm. And you don’t have to venture far to find harsh weather conditions in Oregon.

Is your home prepared for the winter, though?

In this blog, we’ll share how you can make the most out of a home control system during the coldest and most dreary months of the year. Simply read on to find out more.

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Keep Your Home Warm

One of the most significant challenges winter presents is the high costs of keeping your home warm.

Not only does the amount of energy you consume increase, but so does the amount of money you spend on your monthly energy bill.

Home automation, however, can save you on energy consumption costs during the winter. How?

Consider merging an intelligent thermostat and motorized window treatments with your control system.

When sensors notice your home is unoccupied, your thermostat automatically can go into “eco-mode” while your shades roll down for insulation.

On its own, an intelligent thermostat can save between 10 to 12 percent on heating costs. Some motorized shades – especially honeycomb blinds – are very effective at retaining heat.

When included within a home automation system, however, they can work cohesively to save you from consuming too much energy and ultimately spending too much money.

Stay Safe Through Custom Lighting

Although you might not initially think of lighting as a way to keep your property safe, it actually serves a significant purpose during the winter.

For example, consider those cold mornings after a storm when puddles freeze and you encounter black ice on your driveway as you attempt to reach your car before work.

When you open your front door, pathway lights automatically can turn on to guide you to your vehicle and illuminate any potential hazards. Lights even can continue down your driveway to allow for a smooth departure.

After sensors detect your departure, the lights automatically will turn off.

But perhaps you’re traveling to a warmer destination in the winter. How can lighting control help keep your home safe, even while you’re gone?

With a custom setting through your home control system, your lights actually can simulate your usage patterns, so it appears that you are home – even when you’re not.

It could deter any potential intruder from breaking in.

Inspire a Perfect Night at Home

All of us have felt this way before: It’s a cold and dreary night, and all you want to do is just stay at home and watch a movie with the family.

With your home control system, though, you can inspire the perfect night in.

As you press a single button on your control interface, your lights dim, shades roll down and your TV  turns on. From the convenience of your control system, you choose what to watch.

You and your family simply can sit back and relax as you watch your favorite winter film. You even can make hot chocolate or popcorn for the occasion.

When the movie ends, just press another button on your control interface and your audio/video devices will turn off and your lights will brighten once again.

The above recommendations are just a few of many ways you can enjoy your Portland, OR home control system during the winter. If you want to learn more ways you can make the most of your automation system, we encourage you to reach out to us!

To get in touch, you can either call us at (503) 598-7380 or fill out a short form by clicking on the button below. We look forward to assisting you!

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