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How a Home Control System Can Help You Manage Holiday Occasions

Stay in Control Using a Smart Home System

How a Home Control System Can Help You Manage Holiday Occasions

Most of us want more control; more control over our lives and our homes. Technology is one of our greatest assets today because it can give us more control. During the holidays, you have so many things to worry about, from hosting guests to tracking holiday packages and planning dinners.  Read this blog to learn how our home control systems can help make this time of year go smoothly in your Vancouver, WA house.

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Track Packages

Online shopping has increased dramatically in recent years because people want to avoid the crowds. But how do you ensure your packages arrive safely when you aren’t home? Surveilance cameras can assure you that the post man delivered that package you’ve been waiting on all week, and a control system can even send you a text message when it gets to your door step. If you want the delivery person to leave it inside your house, after you get the alert, open the door with your smartphone using smart locks. A secure and fast home network will let you know immediately that the special gift you ordered is safe inside your home.

Keep Guests Comfortable

With our smart systems, you can change the themostat, lighting, and audio video using a tablet or remote control. When you have guests those features become extra handy. If your relative likes the house a bit cooler, you can ensure their room is extra cold at night while they sleep. If they enjoy watching movies, you can download content ahead of time so they have a whole queue of movies and shows ready for them. Your loved one’s stay will be memorable and cozy during Christmas or any other time of year when they visit. And, you won’t have to work as hard or worry about their every need with convenient controls at their side.

Maintain a Safe Home

As people come and go to and from your home, you’ll want to ensure everyone is extra safe. Smart security cameras will detect suspicious activity and send you alerts in real-time. Smart locks can help you keep tabs on every person who enters and leaves the house. A control system will also ensure the alarm is always armed when the property is empty. Since all of the controls are in your hands, you’ll know whenever something goes wrong and can respond immediately.

We know you have a lot of responsibilities this time of year. Room Service Integrated Solutions can assist with any need you have. Just let us know which solution will help you the most.

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