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Home Automation for Architects: a Starter Guide

Everything Architects Need to Know About Integrated Technology

Home Automation for Architects: a Starter Guide

The growing popularity of homes with custom electronic systems is changing the way architects do their jobs, adding a new element to the already complex task of creating a home custom-tailored to the home buyer. For architects in the Salem, Oregon area who are just getting into home automation for the first time, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this guide that answers the main questions architects ask about incorporating luxury automation technology into new homes.

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What is Home Automation?

Home automation refers to the process of integrating technology to remotely control various aspects of a home, from the lights to the security system. These custom electronic systems are designed to simplify home management for the homeowner, making it easy and convenient to adjust shades, temperature, music, and more to be just the right levels for optimal comfort.


What Components Need to be Planned Initially vs. Added After Construction?

Because each home automation system will be different depending on the homeowner’s needs, there’s no clear answer to this question. Obviously, the devices themselves will usually be added after construction is completed, but there are many elements that require set-up during the building process. Collaborating and planning should be done before the construction begins to ensure that the home’s design accommodates the needs of the automation system.

One of the most important aspects that must be planned out before construction is completed is the electrical layout for pre-wiring. To create a seamless final design, the rooms need to be wired appropriately for each device. If the home automation installation is performed after construction is completed, the wires will either have to be run visibly between rooms or the walls will have to be opened up again so that the wires can be hidden.


Who Do I Work with to Incorporate Custom Technology?

The complexities of a luxury home automation system go far beyond the scope of a general electrician’s capabilities, so a home automation designer and installer is the best choice for a quality end result. The automation contractor can spearhead a variety of projects, from the initial automation design to the wire installation to construction administration and project management. Depending on the scope of the homeowner’s needs, you may also choose to work with an interior designer to ensure that the construction plans are in line with the final vision for the home.


What Can I Expect When Working with a Home Automation Contractor?

The home automation contractor’s goal is to create a flawless, reliable electronics system perfectly fitted to the homeowner’s lifestyle, so you can expect that the contractor will give you all the resources and assistance to make that goal a reality. Typically, the project management for a custom automated home will include a step-by-step process that starts by defining the scope of work and budget, creating and approving the home design, and installing the infrastructure for the system.

Throughout the entire process, the automation contractor will keep meticulous documentation for the electrical layout, system components locations, lighting zones, communications layout, and any other relevant information for the homeowner, builder, architect, and designer to all use as the master set of plans.


Homes with custom electronic systems are becoming more and more popular, and it’s clear to see why: the comfort, convenience, and luxury of integrated technology add significant value to the homeowners’ lifestyle. For architects in the Oregon area, now is the time to start incorporating home automation into your building plans. To learn more about how Room Service Integrated Solutions can help, contact us today.