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Home Automation Can Make Home Entertainment More Enjoyable

Smart Home Technology Gives You More Power and Control in Your Home Theater or Living Room

Home Automation Can Make Home Entertainment More Enjoyable

The goal of any home automation system should be to make your technology easier and more fun to use. The same is true of your home theater or media room; if your system is still a challenge even after everything’s been installed and calibrated, something has gone wrong.

Assuming everything goes right, however, smart home technology can make it much simpler to enjoy your favorite movie, TV show or sports event at home. Here are some of the things you can control using home theater automation and how it can improve your Portland, OR home.





Lighting control is one of the easiest systems to incorporate into home theater automation, and it’s also one of the most important. Regardless of whether you have a standalone theater in your home or a multi-purpose media room, you don’t want to be fighting with glare when the TV’s on.

Additionally, you can program your lighting control system to automatically dim the lights and lower your shades (if you opt for motorized shade treatments) at the same time your displays comes on. And for a more personal touch, you can use dimmers to add a little extra mood lighting to whatever you’re watching.



We’ve all had this moment happen to us: It’s the climax of the movie or a pivotal moment in the big game, and suddenly you have to go to the bathroom. You may be able to pause whatever it is you’re watching, but it’s still a hassle, and it’ll interrupt the viewing experience for you and anybody else who may have been watching the same thing.

Home theater automation won’t stop you from needing to use the restroom occasionally, but it can make the experience less disruptive. By linking your home theater or media room equipment to the rest of the A/V equipment in your home, you can watch or listen to your favorite media wherever you want. That way you won’t miss a thing if Mother Nature calls or you want to grab a snack.



Another frustrating interruption if you’re in the zone with your favorite movie? Someone knocking at your front door when you’re in no position to answer it.

Fortunately, automation can solve this problem, too. If you’ve installed a smart security system or a home intercom system, you can use your phone or other interface to see who’s at your door, talk to them and let them inside without having to leave your couch at all. That means fewer interruptions and more time for you to enjoy what you’re watching.


These are just a handful of the possibilities home theater automation can bring to your Portland, OR home. To find out more, call Room Service Integrated Systems at (503) 598-7380 or visit us online.