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Enter Business the Smart Way With Commercial Access Control

Protect Your Spaces With Integrated Entry Systems

Enter Business the Smart Way With Commercial Access Control

Ensuring that your Portland, Oregon office space runs smoothly is among the top concerns of savvy business owners. Whether you want to keep costs low, or you need to protect sensitive files and information, commercial access control is the perfect way to know who and what can get into your building. Systems that provide biometric security and integrate with the rest of your building’s automation technology can help you stay aware of your surroundings and take action when needed. In this blog, we’ll outline some intelligent solutions for your spaces.



Biometric Entry Ways

Crafting personalized keys has been a cornerstone of the automated entry system market for decades. Keycards have been popular for years – not only are they hard to counterfeit, but they also provide a lot of information, like who enters and when. But more recently there have been new developments in entry system technology; namely, biometrics.

Biometric technology is a means of using parts of your body – like a fingerprint or retina – to grant access to different spaces in your building. Nearly impossible to duplicate, biometric entry systems offer even greater protection than traditional means, and you and your staff never have to worry about forgetting your keys again.


Integrating Environmental Control

If saving energy and keeping costs down is important, you can integrate environmental controls with your entry systems. When an employee enters an area, have the thermostat cool and the lights rise. When they leave, everything can shut off automatically. That way, no one ever forgets to turn off the lights.

Automated access control also helps you know who is in the office at all times. If you are aware that an employee will be showing up on Saturday to complete some work, you’ll be notified as soon as they enter. When the cleaning crew arrives, you can keep track of their energy usage with real time reports streamed right to your tablet or smartphone. You stay in control of energy usage, and where.


Safety Features

If there’s an emergency in the office, your entry systems can spring into action. When integrated with environmental monitors like CO2 or smoke detectors, external doorways can automatically unlock to provide a safe exit for your staff. By combining them with lights, the proper pathways can be illuminated for even greater protection


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