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DIY vs. Professional Home Automation: Which is Better?

Explore the Possibilities for Upgrading Your Home

DIY vs. Professional Home Automation: Which is Better?

With the growing popular of DIY “smart” devices such as Nest Learning Thermostat, you might find yourself wondering if installing your own home automation system is the best approach. As custom technology professionals, we see the benefits of both options. The real question is which one is the right fit for your Vancouver, WA home. Read below for a breakdown of the two choices.

DIY Home Automation

With a DIY home automation system, you’ll typically pick out a smart hub and a few devices that you want to set up around your home. You’ll need to be careful to choose devices that are compatible with the main control system.


The main advantage of DIY home automation is its low cost. Over the years, DIY devices have become quite affordable. If you’re on a strict budget but still want to upgrade your home with technology, this is the best approach.


  • With DIY, You Actually Have to Do It Yourself: There’s a reason for the low cost associated with DIY: you’re not paying for a skilled professional to install the system for you. That means you’ll be responsible for doing it, which can lead to problems if you’re not comfortable with wiring or programming. As intuitive as modern devices are, they still require skill to install and set up correctly.
  • No Advanced Capabilities: Because DIY devices are designed to be fairly easy to set up, their capabilities are surface-level. All of the most amazing aspects of living with a custom electronic system are reserved for professional installations. So if you want a home that goes above and beyond to provide comfort and convenience, then DIY is not for you.

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Professional Home Automation

Custom electronics systems are designed and installed by skilled professionals. These systems use the most robust, cutting-edge technology available. With a professional installation, it’s important to ensure that the automation company you’ve chosen has the skill and experience to develop a high-end solution and also that the company has the right technology designs and styles to fit your personality.


  • Zero Effort: With a professional setup, you don’t have to worry about doing anything—instead, just tell the automation company want you want, and they’ll do the rest.
  • Complete, Innovative Solution: With a custom electronics system made to your exact specifications, you get free reign to apply technology in a way that fits your lifestyle. The entire system will work together to make your home more comfortable.
  • Peace of Mind: If you’re going to invest in a home technology system, you’re going to want it done right. Using a professional company gives you the assurance that you’re getting reliable and beautiful technology that is fitting for a luxury home.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Want to add a new scene or update your system? Your automation company is one phone call away. You can even get ongoing system monitoring services that ensure your technology is always operating at peak performance.


Depending on the level of customization and the scope of your technology, be aware that there may be a time investment involved. Advanced home automation does not come together overnight, especially if you’re adding a dedicated home theater or whole home audio system. That’s because we take the time to learn about your goals for the technology, assess your home’s layout and needs, and then collaborate with builders, interior designers, or other relevant trades to ensure your project goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Of course, you don’t have to commit to a lengthy automation project. If you’re unsure if custom home technology is the right fit for you, we recommend you start small with technology in one room. That way, you can quickly start enjoying the automation and get used to the system before deciding which aspects (lighting control, motorized shades, climate control, etc.) you want in other areas of your property.

If you think a professional installation is the right fit for you, then please contact us today by calling (503) 598-7380 or filling out this contact request. We’re happy to speak with you about the unique aspects of your property and technology needs.