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Conference Room Automation: The Basics

Impress Clients and Coworkers With These Smart Solutions

Conference Room Automation: The Basics

Creating the right atmosphere in your Vancouver, Washington boardroom is essential for impressing clients and closing deals. And using technology to help you reach your goals is a smart way to simplify the process. Conference room automation transforms your space with a few commands on a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to craft bigger and brighter presentations. In this blog, we’ll take you through the easy ways you can integrate technology into your meeting space for more effective and efficient gatherings. Read on to learn more.

Ultra HD Display

A popular buzzword in home technology is “Ultra HD”. It refers to the number of pixels in a given display; top-of-the-line high definition clocks in at 1080p, and Ultra HD contains about four times that number. The resulting image is sharper, clearer and more attention-grabbing.

In a conference room, capturing the interest of prospective clients is essential to closing a major deal. Ultra HD displays make your presentations pop, and they turn videos and animations into visually arresting pieces.

Distributed Audio

Visuals are crucial, but so is sound. Your audio system needs to be able to reach every ear in the room without you having to strain your voice or blow out speakers that are turned too loud. The answer is easy: distributed audio.

With a distributed audio system, speakers are strategically placed throughout the room. If you don’t want equipment taking up valuable space, they can be integrated into the walls or ceiling for a virtually invisible, great-sounding design.

The advantage of integrated speakers is that they provide even sound quality to every corner of the room. Particularly in larger spaces, you want the people sitting on the opposite end from you to catch every detail. A distributed audio installation can reach everyone with ease.

Motorized Shading

One of the tasks that absolutely must be simplified is preparing the space for a meeting. If you’re spending too much time adjusting the space to accommodate the presentation, you won’t be at the top of your game while presenting. Thankfully, an automated system can help.

A single touch on your tablet can lower the shades and dim the lights, creating the perfect environment for a presentation. Raise the integrated lights in the front of the room to create a spotlight effect, or lower them entirely to show a video of PowerPoint presentation. When the meeting is over, or you begin a question and answer portion, another touch will raise them all and open the shades.

Are you ready to command attention with conference room automation? Contact us today.