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Commercial Media Distribution: The Business of Staying Connected

Smart Solutions for Communication and Productivity

Commercial Media Distribution: The Business of Staying Connected

In an increasingly connected world, standing out from the crowd can be tough. If you want your Bend, Oregon business to make an impression, there’s only one answer: commercial media distribution. Everything from HD intercoms to digital signs can be integrated into your company space to streamline communication between employees and promote your message to potential customers or clients. In this blog, we’ll take you through some intelligent upgrades you can make to your business.

Digital Signage

In the past, if you wanted to promote your services you would need to rely on physical signs to do most of the heavy lifting. That means designing the picture, sending it to the printer and taking the time to put it up. Today, computer programs like Photoshop have simplified the creative side of the equation, and integrated technology has streamlined distribution. That’s why your business needs digital signs.

Whether you want to create a long-term ad promotion via an internal marketing department or update menu prices in real time at a bar or restaurant, you can do it all with digital signage. Just craft the message and send it directly to the mounted monitor. Digital signs make promoting your business easier and more profitable.

HD Intercom

Staying connected with your employees is essential for running any business. If you want to make communication between your staff more efficient, you’ll need an HD intercom.

An HD intercom provides both visual and auditory connections to all staff members. You can access it through your smartphone or tablet, making it perfect for less traditional modern workspaces. If you need to speak to an employee who is not at a desk, you can page them and speak directly.

Video Entry Systems

If your business is appointment-only, like a high-end boutique or private consultation firm, you’ll benefit from a video entry system. When someone approaches the door, you can see them and speak to them to confirm their identity before allowing them entry. Once confirmed, a single touch on a smartphone or tablet will unlock the door, and another touch will re-lock it behind them. The entry system can work in tandem with your security and surveillance systems to ensure the safety of your work environment.

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