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Boost Your Home Theater by Integrating Home Control

Experience the benefits of home theater automation

Boost Your Home Theater by Integrating Home Control

You’ve probably heard some version of the old story about how it’s easier to break a group of sticks individually than it is to break them if they’re bound together. There’s a similar truth in the world of home automation: Systems work better when they’re integrated than they do as separate entities.

This is particularly true when it comes to setting up your home theater. To get the most from your home theater automation, you want to be sure that it is linked to the control system for the rest of your home. We’ve put together this blog to show homeowners along the Oregon Coast the benefits of integrating these systems in your house.





One of the major selling points of smart home automation is to make life easier and simpler for you at home. A good home theater system does this by letting you access and adjust the components, either individually or as a group, from a single device. Any system that doesn’t do that, at a bare minimum, isn’t worth your time or money.

But there’s much more to be gained from integrating multiple systems under one control interface like Control4. An easy example is linking your home theater to smart lighting control. This allows you to adjust the lights in your home theater without having to leave the couch.

You can take it a step further and create a preset that automatically fires up your A/V equipment and dims the lights with one button press. This is just one way integrating multiple systems helps you reap additional benefits from home automation.


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In addition to the added comfort and convenience from integrating multiple systems, this process also allows for new, unexpected ways to use your equipment. For instance, if your house includes whole-home audio, you can play the sound from your home theater over any speaker in your home. That makes it ideal for when you have to step out of the room to grab a bite to eat or go to the bathroom.

Another useful system that pairs well with your home theater is a home intercom system. These systems allow you to call any room in the house, or the whole house, from a single control pad. Instead of shouting to gather your family in the theater room, you can page them from the intercom to let them know it’s movie time.



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