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Are You Using the Right Shades for Your Oregon Home?

Look at All of Your Options When Installing New Window Treatments

Are You Using the Right Shades for Your Oregon Home?

How much thought have you really put into your shades? Beyond wanting them to look pretty and maintain you privacy, what else would you like them to achieve? 

Have no idea where to start? The first step in designing a home is to see what’s out there, and it’s possible you haven’t even thought of motorized shades. Automation opens up so many possibilities for you. Consider these advanced window treatments before making your final decision.

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Integrated Shading Systems

You can use Crestron with various shade controllers to manage automated window treatments, including roller shades, venetian blinds, and motorized draperies. So you aren’t limited to a specific style; you can choose any one you like best. 

We work with the top shading manufacturers in the industry, including Lutron, to deliver a quiet operation, convenience, and beauty at the same time. It is the perfect solution for home renovations and new construction, too. 

You can control your shades using a small remote in one room or all of them. You can even connect your Lutron lighting system and smart thermostat to the shades to increase your energy savings and save time.

Wireless Shading Systems 

Do you want a simpler, less intrusive installation? These motorized shading systems don’t require any pre-wiring, so the installation is very fast.

You’ll get to enjoy the convenience and luxury of controlling your shades with a wireless remote without breaking the bank. You can reach those super high windows with ease by pressing one button to cover them and close all the shades while relaxing in bed at night.

Since the system operates on a battery, you may wonder if you have to change them often. The good news is you only have to replace the batteries every few years. 

An added benefit is that some shades, including Lutron's Serena shades, work with Apple HomeKit. Do you like using Apple products, like the iPhone or iPad? Say, “Siri “Open My Shades,” and automatically the shades will be drawn open. 

Amazing Benefits for Every Home

Still aren’t convinced? Here is a cheat sheet of all the great benefits you receive with automated shades. 

    • Cordless design is a safe solution for homes with babies and pets.


    • You can create custom scenes that integrate lighting, HVAC and shading to save energy or quickly leave the house for work.


    • Choose from hundreds of colors and patterns from our various shading partners.


    • Our motorized shades are low maintenance and perfect for retrofit applications.


    • Control out-of-reach windows, like sky windows. 


    • Use UV fabrics to still let light in while protecting yourself and home from the sun’s harmful rays.

If you want to purchase motorized shades, or ask us a question about it, contact us online.

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