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A Quick Guide to Whole House Audio

Find the Perfect Music Setup for Your Oregon Home

A Quick Guide to Whole House Audio

The vibrant music scene in Portland doesn’t have to be limited to live concerts. You can get the same great sound right within your home by investing in a high-quality sound system. Of course, there are tons of different types of systems and equipment out there, which can make it difficult to find the best setup for your home. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide that goes over the possibilities for whole house audio.

Why Whole House Audio?

Also known as multi-room music, a whole house audio system is different from your standard sound system. Typically, you’d have speakers that connect to some sort of control device so that you could play MP3s, CDs, vinyl, or whatever type of music format you most prefer.

The problem with this setup is that you’re limited to listening to music in that one area. For example, let’s say you want to move from the living room to kitchen to grab a snack. You either have to pause the music, turn up the volume and blast it so that it’s audible in the other room, or add another entire system in the next room, which you would then have to turn on, select the right station or song, etc.

Whole house audio is the solution. It allows you to strategically place speakers throughout every area of your home, then manage how music is played in each room via a smartphone or tablet. You get to enjoy clear, smooth music no matter where you are, and it’s as easy as pressing a button. The system is designed with specific audio zones so that you can enjoy music in one room, a few rooms, or the entire house.

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Advantages of a Professional Setup

While technically you can get music throughout your whole house by simply adding sound systems to each room, there are some key advantages to getting a professionally implemented system:

  • Get More with Less

A professional setup will likely include an audio distribution system, which allows you to remotely send audio from one AV receiver to speakers in multiple areas. This means that you don’t have to invest in separate audio equipment for every room. Instead, one device connects to all the speakers.

  • No Clutter

Audio distribution also helps reduce the clutter of different equipment in each room. The equipment is tucked away in a utility closet or cabinet, leaving each room looking beautiful. Even the speakers can be installed in such a way that they’re not noticeable to the eye. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers blend seamlessly into each room.

  • Even Sound

Ensuring that each area of your home has just the right sound levels is a complex process. To avoid dead spots or overly loud areas, your audio professional will strategically place each speaker and optimize their sound settings.

  • One-Touch Control

With a whole-home setup, it’s important that the entire system is really easy to use. Part of the professional setup will include centralizing all of your music sources so that you can access your media server, streaming services, etc. with ease. Adjusting the volume in the home media room or changing the music station in the kitchen simply requires you to pull out your smartphone and select the app. You can even use a voice control device like Amazon Echo to turn up the tunes with a single spoken request!

How to Get Started

Every home is different, which means the best approach is to speak with a home audio consultant about the best options for you. Room Service Integrated Solutions is Portland, Oregon’s top choice for home automation and audio system needs. We’re happy to speak with you about the possibilities for a system that is custom-tailored to fit your lifestyle.

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