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7 Great Advantages of Home Lighting Control

Learn How Lighting Automation Can Benefit Your Portland Property

7 Great Advantages of Home Lighting Control

There’s no denying that technology is transforming the way that people live. Modern homeowners in the Portland, Oregon area are embracing home automation technology of all types. One such technology that offers a ton of benefits is home lighting control.  A lighting control system connects all of the lighting fixtures on your property, allowing you to manage them remotely via a smartphone or tablet. Below, we cover seven ways that automated lighting can add value to your home.

1. More Efficient Energy Usage

A lighting control system is a great way to go green and limit excess energy consumption. Lighting sensors can automatically dim overhead lights if natural light is available, motion sensors can turn off lights in unused rooms, and remote access ensures you always have the ability to turn off lights even if you’re not in that area. The result is a lower energy bill and a smaller carbon footprint.

2. Greater Comfort

Creating the ideal lighting environment goes a long way toward increasing the comfort in each room. Instead of straining to read in a room where the lights aren’t bright enough or, conversely, trying to watch a movie while the overhead lights cause a glare, use your smartphone to set the perfect lighting levels instantly.

3. Stronger Security

Your lights can make life more secure in a number of ways. You could use motion sensors to automatically light up hallways to prevent you from tripping as you go get a glass of water at night. Floodlights can trigger outside if a burglary attempt is detected. You can even create a “Vacation” lighting scene that causes lights to turn on and off throughout your home while you’re traveling, thus making your property look occupied.

4. Easier Convenience

Having remote access is wonderfully convenient. As you’re cozy in bed, you won’t have to get up to turn out the lights throughout the house. When you’re getting ready to watch a film in your home media room, the lights can automatically dim as soon as the movie starts. If you forgot to turn off the lights after you leave home, you can simply pull out your smartphone and adjust lighting levels from wherever you are.

5. Better Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting can transform the look of your home, accentuating key architecture or landscaping features. In the same way that you can control your indoor lights, your outdoor lights can be managed via timers, light sensors, remote, etc. Turning the outdoor lights on is never a manual process. Instead, the lights can brighten automatically when the sun sets, highlighting your home in the darkness.

6. Enhanced Interior Design

Lighting design is a huge part of creating the right ambiance in a room. You can use your lighting control system to accentuate artwork, sculptures, or architectural features with ease. The lights help to draw the eye to certain parts of the room, creating a cohesive design. Of course, most rooms are multipurpose, so you can easily promote the right lighting design for certain activities (e.g. entertaining with friends vs. a relaxing evening alone) at the push of a button.

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7. Healthier Living

Combine your home lighting control with motorized shades to take full advantage of the health benefits of natural light. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, and when the sun does decide to shine in Portland, you need to make sure you’re taking advantage. Use lighting sensors to automatically raise the motorized shades and dim overhead lights, flooding the room with a healthy glow.


However you want to put your home lighting control to use, Room Service Integrated Solutions can make it happen. To learn about our home automation technology services, give us a call at (503) 598-7380, fill out this quick form, or click the Live Chat window at the bottom of the page!