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5 Things You Should Include In Your New Conference Room Design

Here Are The Technologies You Should Consider for Your Boardroom

5 Things You Should Include In Your New Conference Room Design

Whether you’re adding a boardroom to your new office or you are ready to overhaul your workspace’s existing one, you should consider it an opportunity for your business.

As conference room technology experts, we at Room Service Integrated Solutions know how critical this space is to your workplace.

It’s where you and your team meet and chart a course for the future. It’s where you hold teleconferences crucial to the success of your business.

That’s why a modern boardroom is so necessary – it’s the infrastructure your business needs to succeed in today’s digitized global environment.

So, what are the must-include technologies for the conference room design in your Salem, Oregon office?

We answer that question below.

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1) Expansive Network Infrastructure

This is perhaps the most essential component of a 21st-century boardroom.

Without a network infrastructure able to support significant amounts of internet traffic at once, there is no question your boardroom technology will underperform.

The last thing you want during video teleconferences, after all, is for your stream to appear blurry or for your audio to break up.

A professional technology expert can install an extensive network infrastructure for your boardroom, featuring cables, wires and routers that are designed to support high-bandwidth usage.

That way, you can ensure optimal technology performance during your presentations and teleconferences.

You even can include a cable management system that allows your team members to plug in and charge their devices at your boardroom table – so that they can digitize their notes during your meetings.

2) Lighting and Shading Control

Custom lighting and shading allow you to set the perfect scene for your presentations.

With just the touch of a button, lights near your screen can turn off while shades automatically roll down and diminish any potential glare from direct sunlight.

That way, everyone has a clear view of the screen.

Boardroom lighting control also can optimize your energy usage – when your conference room is unoccupied after a set amount of time, lights automatically will turn off so that your business isn’t unnecessarily wasting energy.

3) Integrated Control Technology

As we mentioned above, you can control the lights and shades in your boardroom with just the touch of a button.

But you also can control all of your boardroom’s technologies within an integrated control solution crafted into your conference room design.

Your technology integrator will design a system that merges each device’s controls into a single interface that you and your team can intuitively manage from an in-wall or tabletop touchscreen panel.

From this device, you’ll be able to not only turn lights off and lower shades but also turn on audio/video distribution systems, change displays for efficient presentations and even lock your boardroom door for privacy.

When it’s time to power down, all you’ll need to do is press one button to turn off all of your conference room’s devices.

4) 4K Webcam and Surround Sound

As your company conducts vital business from its boardroom, it’s essential that the space features top-of-the-line technology that reflects the professionalism of your office.

Don’t just include a standard webcam that produces a blurry resolution. Include a 4K Ultra HD webcam that will broadcast your team in high resolution to your business partners.

You also can add microphone and speaker systems to your conference room design – ensuring not only your partners can hear input from your team members but also guaranteeing everyone on your team can listen to the critical information as it’s distributed.

5) Intelligent Whiteboard

One of the most traditional ways of brainstorming is on a whiteboard.

As you and your team meet to discuss important business matters, it’s entirely natural to write notes down and build off those ideas together.

With an intelligent whiteboard, though, your whiteboard notes don’t have to remain in your boardroom only to be erased during the next meeting.

Instead, your notes are digitized and can be distributed to relevant team members – available to access and edit at a later date.

Ultimately, a conference room solution should enhance your team’s meetings. Any professional installer can customize a technology system precisely to your office’s needs and preferences.

For us at Room Service, that means working hand-in-hand with your Oregon or Washington-based office to deliver a conference room design you and your team will love.

If you want to find out more about our conference room services, just click the button below to reach out to a member of our team today!

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