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5 Fun and Creative Home Theater Designs

Infuse Some Personality into Your Home Theater System

5 Fun and Creative Home Theater Designs

One of the most popular additions to homes throughout the Portland, Oregon area these days is undoubtedly a dedicated home theater. Far more than just a TV and surround sound setup, a dedicated theater is a room with one single purpose: immersing you in whatever film you’re watching.

A theater room is also the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality and hone in on a particular theme that’s important to you. To help illustrate the versatility of a theater room, here are our five favorite home theater designs.

1.     Bring the Outdoors Inside!

If you’re the type of person to spend the summer exploring everything that Portland’s great outdoors has to offer, then you can instill your home theater with some of that natural goodness. That way, when our Northwest weather puts a damper on your plans, you can still feel connected to nature. We recommend incorporating a “starry night” ceiling that uses tiny twinkling lights to recreate the look of the night sky. Trees, faux grass carpet, rock-shaped speakers—you name it!

2.     Vintage Drive-In Theater

You won’t need to hop in the car to drive to a commercial theater once you have a dedicated movie room in your home, but you might want to all the same if your theater has a drive-in movie theme. Again, use that twinkling night sky and faux grass carpet, but throw in theater seating designed to look just like vintage cars! Finish off the look with some 1960s movie posters on the walls and an old fashioned candy counter, and you’ll be set to enjoy your favorite throwback films.

3.     Your Favorite Film

Beam me up, Scotty! Imagine a theater designed to look just like the bridge of the Enterprise. Or how about a Lord of the Rings movie theater that has you enjoying the view from Bilbo Baggins’ home? If you’re passionate about a certain movie or TV show, then showcase that passion properly with a room designed to put you right in the middle of the action.


4.     Sports Lover’s Paradise

Home theater systems aren’t just for watching the latest blockbuster hit. Once football or basketball season comes around, you’ll want a place to enjoy the game without distractions. This setup could include one large screen, or you could have multiple displays that could combine into one large image or be separated into different channels. Use this home theater design to show off your sports memorabilia, and cap the design off with a built-in kegerator so that you won’t miss a moment while you get refreshments.

5.     Opera House

If a refined look is more your style, consider going for the tried and true opera house design. Rich red velvet chairs and drapery, gold embellishment, hanging chandelier—you’ll never want to leave the indulgent space of your home theater! Everything from sculptures to a built-in stage can be added to the room so that when you walk in, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the Metropolitan.

With any of these designs, the key is to make the technology blend in seamlessly. Décor can affect how speakers sound in the room, which is why it’s very important to bring in an AV professional to manage the home theater design process. Room Service Integrated Solutions works with interior designers and architects throughout Portland to create spectacular themes that not only look great but sound great too.

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