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4 Ways Motorized Shades Elevate Your Interior Design

The Perfect Blend of Style and Technology for Your Clients’ Homes

4 Ways Motorized Shades Elevate Your Interior Design

If you’re an interior designer in today’s rising wave of smart homes, you’re constantly thinking about how to blend home automation, functional design, and luxury in your projects.

Among the many home automation solutions that can help boost the value and style of any home with no intrusion is motorized shades. From convenience and energy conservation to enhanced décor, motorized shades are a perfect addition to any interior design project—especially as the weather gets colder in Salem, Oregon this winter season.

In this blog, we’ll explore four ways motorized shades are sure to elevate your next interior design project and boost the value of your clients’ homes. Just keep reading to learn more.

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Save Energy

Motorized shades provide precise control of the amount of daylight your client lets into their home—just from the touch of a button. With motorized shades, homeowners can tactfully utilize natural light to keep electricity usage to a minimum. The environment benefits as well, because you have the option to purchase shades in sustainable materials. To optimize energy conservation even more, you can integrate motorized shades with a smart thermostat and smart lighting for fuller control of energy usage in the home.

Set Scenes

With motorized shades, the homeowner can set schedules that recall any favorite shade position and enable complete customization. Perhaps your clients want a “Winter Warm” scene that brings in sunlight on a cool day and naturally warms the home. Or they can set a “Summer Cool” scene that lowers the shades to help cool off the home from summer heat.

Protect Indoor Furnishings

Motorized shades protect wood surfaces, fine art, carpets, and furniture from dangerous UV rays and help to extend the lifespan of all the furnishings you so carefully chose for your project. Motorized shades also diffuse light, so the homeowner won’t have to deal with glare on their TV screens or computer monitors.

Complement Your Style

You won’t have to detract from the intended design of your space with motorized shades because they come in a wide variety of shades and styles for anyone’s liking. Choose from wood blinds, roller shades, honeycomb shades, vertical drapery, and more. Whatever look and feel you’re hoping to bring to life in your next project, motorized shades can certainly complement that style.

See a boost in value in your next interior design project with motorized shades. Need help getting started or want to learn more about the value and features of motorized shades? Just give us a call at (503) 598-7380 or contact us here to talk with one of our motorized shade installers. We’d love to hear from you!