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3 Ways Building Automation is Improving Business Operations

Take Advantage of Technology in Your Business

3 Ways Building Automation is Improving Business Operations

Building automation is taking the Portland area by storm. If you’re unfamiliar with this commercial technology, it’s a way to easily control all the building’s devices with a central management system (as well as make some traditionally “dumb” building components, such as window shades, much smarter). But why are so many businesses throughout Oregon embracing building automation? We cover three good reasons below.

1. More Energy Efficiency

How much does your business spend on energy costs each month? Some companies might treat high energy bills as a necessary evil, but it is possible to significantly cut down on those costs through the use of integrated technology. Room Service Integrated Solution’s building automation follows LEED principles for long-term savings. A lighting control system with motorized shades allows businesses to take advantage of natural light, avoid spending energy unnecessarily, and even optimize HVAC usage.

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Here’s an example of how it could work in a typical office environment: In the morning, when sunlight fills the windows, the overhead lights can automatically dim since the room is already well-lit. If the sun starts blazing at noon, sensors at the windows can monitor for excessive solar heat gain that would trigger the HVAC system. If the sun’s heat rises too much, the system automatically lowers window shades to block the rays, then brightens the overhead lighting to keep the space illuminated.

2. Stronger Security

Standard commercial security gets a serious upgrade through building automation. Instead of treating your surveillance cameras, alarms, lights, access controls, etc. as separate systems, you gain a cohesive solution that responds to threats intelligently. This setup also gives you flexibility in choosing how you want to maintain security. Opt for silent alarms to catch thieves in the act or bright lights and audible alarms that trigger automatically—your system can be designed to match your business needs.

By making your security system more efficient with automation, you can make your business safer while also cutting down on many of the extraneous costs associated with commercial-grade security systems.

3. Easier Employee Management

As companies become more tech-savvy, the responsibility of managing all these different systems often falls on the employees. At the start of each day, employees have to individually set up digital displays, commercial sound systems, overhead lighting, security credentials, and more, and it all takes up valuable time. Building automation streamlines this process.

Instead of juggling remotes, employees can manage all the systems at once via one central touch panel. With the push of a single button, the building is ready for the day! At closing, employees only have to press one button to power down electronics, turn off the lights, and arm the security system.

We’ve only covered a few of the benefits of commercial automation technologies. To learn more about the unique advantages automation can bring to your Oregon area business, contact us today.