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3 Reasons You Should Add Custom Control To Your Home Theater

Find Out How Your Home Theater Installation Can Benefit from a Control System

3 Reasons You Should Add Custom Control To Your Home Theater

Plenty goes into our custom home theater projects.

We work with you to achieve your theater’s perfect design. We prewire for and install each piece of technology.

The result is a private cinema that not only features some of the best modern technology, but also a theater that you’ll love.

If you want to get the most out of your home theater installation, though, we recommend including an integrated control solution.

What does that entail, and how can your theater benefit from it? We explain below.

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1) Save Time and Add Convenience

Consider how you might typically use your home theater technology without a control system:

  • You must manually turn on your devices and wait for them to launch.
  • You then need to scramble to find the correct remote (perhaps multiple times) before you even can select what you want to view.
  • When you’re ready to watch, you must walk to the light-switch to turn off your lights and then maneuver your way to your seat in the dark.

The fact is: that’s just a nuisance.

With a control solution, we can help integrate all of your cinema’s technologies – from the lights to the projector to even the Blu-ray player – into a single system that you can efficiently manage.

From an easy-to-use interface that you can conveniently access from your smartphone or tablet, you can turn any piece of technology on or off, scroll through and choose from your library of movies or streaming services and more.

That means you can prepare your theater for a movie before you even step foot in the room – and just sit back and relax as you turn off the lights from your seat.

2) Create the Perfect Lighting Scene

In the section above, we mentioned how you could prepare your theater for a movie with just the press of a single button.

But who says your theater needs to only be for movie-watching, with only on-and-off light switches?

Consider you want to play video games in your private cinema, using your projection screen or widescreen TV for the ultimate gaming experience.

Or perhaps you want to watch the big game in your home theater for a premier viewing opportunity.

Through using your control system, you can alter the lighting so that while lights in front of your screen turn off, your seating area remains illuminated so that you and your guests can still see and interact with each other.

You even can dim the lights to your preferences, no matter what you might be watching, so that you can enjoy the perfect setting for viewing on-screen entertainment.

3) Effortlessly Watch Your Favorite Content

One of the best components of a control system is that your interface can also double as a remote.

That means you can scroll through your content or turn up the volume with minimal effort.

But your home theater installation’s control solution can also feature more than just movies.

You can access the controls and interface for your video game consoles, media-streaming devices and more, directly from your control system’s mobile application.

Want to choose a Netflix movie or a video game previously stored on your Xbox?

All you need to do is just tap a few buttons on your control interface.

With a custom control solution, you can add convenience and a new level of entertainment to your private cinema.

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