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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business With Commercial Lighting Control

From Retail to Restaurants, Our Lighting Solutions Help You Grow

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business With Commercial Lighting Control

What’s the most important part of running a business in Salem, Oregon? It’s the same thing that’s important everywhere else: you need to be profitable. But when you tally all of the revenue versus the expenses, it’s easy to come up short. So the solution is simple: reduce costs. Commercial lighting control is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce expenditures throughout your spaces – whether you work in retail, a restaurant or an office. Read on to discover three reasons to upgrade your company with smart lighting.



Enhancing Presentations

If you’ve been following our blog, you know there are plenty of conference room automation options available for crafting more engaging presentations. One of the key factors involved in any meeting is the lighting. Not only will dimmed lights help make the images in your PowerPoint pop, but zone control will help your staff stay attentive throughout the whole thing.

When it’s time to start the event, one touch on your smartphone, tablet or dedicated control device will dim the lights – plus drop the screen, lower the shades and start the projector. As you speak, raise the lights in a particular zone above your head to create a spotlight effect and maintain attention between you and the screen, ensuring you’re the center of attention.


Crafting the Right Atmosphere

There are few things more important to the restaurant industry than creating a perfect atmosphere in your dining room (besides the menu, of course). So one-touch controls of your lighting is an essential part of making your clients happy.

If you’re catering to customers looking for a romantic place to take a date, dim the main overhead lights and add accents for a more intimate setting, that doesn’t impede your staff’s sightline. If it’s a bright, sports bar theme you’re going for, you can create it with another touch.


Highlighting Stock

In a retail space, there are frequently plenty of items for your customers to browse through. If they don’t find what they want, it is usually not because you don’t have it in stock – there’s just too much for them to take in at once. So why not lend them a hand with smart lighting that highlights specific areas and items of your store?

For instance, run a flash sale on shoes early in the morning, with spotlights showcasing your preferred items. In the afternoon, change the spotlight to a rack of clothing to help you move even more merchandise.


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