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3 Keys to Managing Your Home’s Energy Output

Create an Energy Management System with Home Automation

3 Keys to Managing Your Home’s Energy Output

Have you ever looked at your monthly electricity bill and wondered why it’s so high? Or maybe you are becoming more conscious about the environment and want to make a change to impact the world we live in. Whatever your concern is with saving energy, home automation can definitely help. You may think that adding a high-powered system like automation would make the situation worse, but in reality it actually improves and reduces the amount of electricity you use because it directs the energy to the appropriate places only when you need it. Here are the three keys you need to save more energy in your Beaverton, OR area home.

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Use a Smart Thermostat

The first step toward managing your energy is using a smart thermostat. It gives you more control over your cooling and heating system by allowing you to change the temperature wirelessly from your phone or tablet. It can also run on a schedule if your routine is pretty regular. For example, when you leave for work in the mornings at 7:30, set the thermostat to a higher degree so it’s not working hard to cool or warm the house all day long. When you return at 5, the house will automatically go back to a comfortable temperature. Using an app, you can adjust the temperature at any moment whether you are at home, on vacation or at work.

Add Lighting and Shading Control

Lighting and shading control systems work with your smart thermostat to control your home’s temp and energy output. For example, as fall approaches it’s going to get colder and darker. Your shades can help insulate your home by helping keep the heat from escaping the house. Keep your shades closed to maintain the climate and your privacy. If it happens to be a sunnier day, use solar shades to brighten your home and then dim your lights down to 50% so that you aren’t keeping lights on when you can make use of natural light. In the summer, decrease heat gain from the sun by keeping solar shades down at all times and making sure you lights aren’t on during the brightest hours.

Create a Green Scene

When activated, a green scene will put the entire house in an energy-saving mode. This is sort of a catch-all solution to reducing energy output. The lights will dim 50%, your solar shades will roll down, certain high-power devices will shut off, and the thermostat will adjust the temperature. After selecting the appropriate settings, label this scene “green” or “save energy” and press the button on your keypad or mobile app anytime you want to reduce energy expenditures. It can be while you’re working from home or relaxing on the weekends. You can also use an “away” scene that turns off everything except for the security system when you leave the house or go on vacation to save energy too.

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