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3 Ideas for Your Next Home Automation System Upgrade

Explore How These 3 Technologies Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

3 Ideas for Your Next Home Automation System Upgrade

The best part of your smart home is that it's constantly evolving. With the help of your local home automation expert, you can always add the latest technology to your space on the Oregon Coast. 

We at Room Service Integrated Solutions are here to make sure your smart home is always at its best. 

In this post, we share three of the best upgrades you can make right now to your home automation system.

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1) Smart Kitchen Upgrade

The kitchen is one of the most popular destinations for smart home technology. 

You may have already started with some smart lights and shades. Now you can even add smart capabilities to your favorite appliances. 

For example, you can preheat your oven remotely, so it's at the perfect temperature to cook dinner when you get home. Are you sure you have all the ingredients you need for dinner?

Incorporate a refrigerator that automatically lets you know when food is about to expire. From a mobile app, you can even check a live feed to make sure you have enough eggs or meat for that night's dinner. 

We can program all these apps to work hand-in-hand with your home automation system, so they are easy to use along with the rest of your technology. 

2) Multi-Room Audio

Multi-room audio is a perfect solution for either relaxing with the family or entertaining during your next house party.

Our team of audio professionals can install either wireless or wired speakers throughout your house and connect them through an integrated audio solution – one that also can merge with your home automation system.

From your smartphone or a dedicated touchpad, you can easily select your favorite Spotify playlist to begin playing through one speaker or throughout your entire home. 

You can even add audio to some common smart home scenes. Instead of waking up to a blaring alarm, you can schedule your favorite song to begin playing, lights to slowly turn on and shades to open when its time to get up for work. 

3) Outdoor Lighting Control

With summer approaching here along the Oregon Coast, it's the perfect time to upgrade your property’s outdoor areas.

The first step should be an outdoor lighting control system to ensure your space looks beautiful while being safely illuminated. 

Custom path lighting uses motion sensors to create safe pathways that help guests avoid potential obstacles in the evening. 

You can add outdoor lighting control to your covered patio or deck to enhance the atmosphere as you lounge with guests or man the outdoor bar. 

Best of all, you can schedule for your lights to turn off automatically when the sun rises, so you don't waste unnecessary energy. 


Interested in any of these additions to your home automation system? Reach out to our team today to find out more about our custom technology installation services!

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