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Articles tagged with: Lighting Control

What is Home Automation, Anyway?

Getting to Know Custom Electronics Systems

What is Home Automation, Anyway?

When you hear the term “smart home,” it might bring a scene from The Jetsons to mind. We may not have flying cars or robot maids, but what we do have are custom electronics systems that make life easier and better on a regular basis. If you’re just now exploring home automation technology, you may not know the full extent of what’s possible. In this blog, we break down what this technology is and how you can start enjoying it in your Vancouver, WA area property.

3 Ways Building Automation is Improving Business Operations

Take Advantage of Technology in Your Business

3 Ways Building Automation is Improving Business Operations

Building automation is taking the Portland area by storm. If you’re unfamiliar with this commercial technology, it’s a way to easily control all the building’s devices with a central management system (as well as make some traditionally “dumb” building components, such as window shades, much smarter). But why are so many businesses throughout Oregon embracing building automation? We cover three good reasons below.

3 Things Architects Should Know When Designing Home Media Rooms

Create Rooms Custom-Built for Flawless Media Enjoyment

3 Things Architects Should Know When Designing Home Media Rooms

Home media rooms can be tricky to design. Not quite dedicated home theaters, not quite traditional living rooms, these rooms are often left intentionally vague as a sort of “catch all” for however the homeowner wants to use the space. However, that doesn’t have to be the case at all. Continue reading to learn the most important things architects need to know when planning a stellar home media room in the Portland, Oregon area.